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Code of conduct 

If you have any questions please email by signing up to springbox classes you are agreeing to these terms. 




Springbox abides by the IGA Health, Safety and  Welfare policy for Coaches and Clubs.  It realises it has a duty of care towards its members and is committed to providing the appropriate support and guidance to its members to insure these matters are addressed.


It follows the IGA Equity Policy which advocates that the coach must always comply with the principals of good moral and ethical frameworks and exemplary standards of conduct



Coaching staff undergo their training through IGA. Our coaches hold a valid DBS, safeguarding and first aid certificate. which are renewed every 3 years

Our Welfare Officer is - RACHEL LEVERETT



. Gymnasts are require to train in suitable attire i.e. Leotard/ t shirt shorts.

  Gymnasts should wear comfortable clothing to allow freedom of movement 

  Without being to loose for safety reasons.

.   Training commences promptly at stated times. Gymnasts are not allowed to wear any jewelry during training sessions includes body rings/bars nose studs or small stud earrings   

.  Gymnasts may be suspended from training or expelled should it be known that they bully other gymnasts or they swear during training.

.  Gymnasts of all ages must be brought in and collected from the gym by a responsible adult.

.  Gymnasts must never train in the absence of other gymnasts and must never work on the gymnastic equipment in the absence of a coach. 

.  Gymnasts must not train if they are unfit to do so.

.  Gymnasts must train in bare feet unless there is a medical reason which should be brought to the attention of the coach at the start of class.

.  Gymnasts must not train if they are unfit to do so

.  Springbox cannot be held responsible for lost or stolen items it is advisable to Label all items with child name
. Gymnasts must be respectful to coaches if this is breached parents will be informed. 



.  Coaches are expected to act in loco parentis once a child is left in the care of coaches and act as responsible sports coaches

.  The Coaches Loco parentis role commences at the start of the gymnastics class through to the end when gymnasts are discharged to the care of their Parents/Guardian 

.  Coaches must hold IGA membership and have a Current DBS.

.  Coaches must place well being and safety of the gymnast they should follow the guidelines of IGA

.  Coaches must encourage and guide gymnasts to accept responsibility for their own behavior and performance.

.  Coaches must ensure the activities they direct are appropriate for age maturity experience and ability of the individual.

.  Coaches should display high standards of behaviour and appearance.

.  Coaches should not wear jewelry 

.  Coaches should never allow the gymnasts to leave the training area without a responsible adult.

.  Coaches are to provide a ‘safe ‘ training environment for all gymnasts.

.  Coaches must check equipment before use.

.  A qualified first Aider must always be on site.

.  Coaches must never give a gymnasts a lift home unless another gymnasts or adult present.

.  Coaches must never train in a one to one situation with a gymnast.

.  Coaches are to ensure that a gymnasts is fit to train and not to promote continued training to an injury.
. Coaches are to be respectful to fellow coaches and members
. Coaches are to follow the rules for IGA which is our governing body 




.  Parents must ensure their child is fit to partake in gymnastic activity.

.  parents should bring their children into the gym and come into the gym to     

  collect them at the end of class any lateness will be recorded and unfortunately any collection will result in £15 charge every 10 minutes after session ends due to a minimum number of coaches who have to stay for welfare reasons.

.  It is the responsibility to look after their child until the class commences and then immediately following the end of the class.

.  New parents should introduce themselves to the Coach in Charge as this will ensure gymnasts only leave the class with someone the coach recognises.

.  Parents are to ensure their child is appropriately dressed for their class.

.  Parents are expected to ensure Payments of training fees and annual Membership are paid on time. To prevent their child not being able to take part.

  Parents must insure that all changes in contact details are brought to the attention of Coach in Charge.

.  Parents should speak with the coach in Charge if they are concerned about any coaching /development matter.

.  Parents are invited to attend competitive events particularly when their child is participating.

.  For health and safety reasons parents are not at any time allowed in the training area 

  (except for Pre School Gymnastic Classes or until a new gymnasts is settled).

.  It is the responsibility of the parents in ensuring the safe entry and exit of their children from the gym sports hall to       

  the facility and vise versa.

.   Parents/Guardians are kindly requested to make sure that children don’t bring in items of value such as watches with them.

.  Parents should promote good sportsmanship at all times.
. All parent must be respectful and conduct themselves in such a way that doesn't make any coaches feel threatened, bullied or upset. 

. All our classes apart from Preschool are coach led and we are a drop off venue where parents are unable to come into class and watch. We do however have a termly watching week where you can come into class and view your Childs progress.

Any of the above rules are violated will result in being removed from Springbox at the owners authority.

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